How pet urine on carpets can be dangerous for your family?

Having pets at home is very positive and great until they start creating a mess. Homeowners don’t realize that handling pets when you have beautiful carpets at home can be very cumbersome. The hair, the smell, spills, etc. caused by pets on the carpets can be very difficult to handle. However, the thing which can be extremely dangerous for homeowners can be per urine on the carpets. According to carpet cleaning Hamilton professionals, pet urine on the carpets can bring in a lot of health issues if not handled properly. Also, it can damage the carpet’s longevity and beauty. Thus, one needs to be cautious when it comes to pet urine on the carpets. 

Damages that a carpet with pet urine can cause 

Not many homeowners are aware about pet urine on the carpets can be very dangerous for the health of your family and kids. Here are some of the possible damages of it mentioned below: 

  • Ammonia odor – The smell of ammonia is the most common issue caused by pet urine. However, even if one cleans it immediately with water, it can leave massive negative effects, especially for the homeowners who have asthma, emphysema, etc. 
  • Bacterial growth – Another damage caused by pet urine on carpets is bacterial growth. As per Carpet Cleaning Hamilton professionals, this is the most common damage which can further lead to an unhealthy immune system and other health issues. 
  • Rotting subfloor – It is seen that even when pet urine dries up it can damage the subfloor. This can lead to more expenses and the replacement of the carpet. Thus, it is better to be aware of pet urine and your subfloor getting rotten. 

How to avoid pet urine spots on the carpet? 

Here are some of the things which one can follow to avoid urine spots on their carpets: 

  • Stay away from DIYs – First thing first, stay away from DIYs. This can cause more harm than any good. Some of the DIYs involve harsh chemicals and acids which can hamper your carpet fibers. 
  • Call in professionals – Hiring carpet cleaning Hamilton professionals is the best choice to get rid of pet urine spots on the carpet. A professional is aware of the right ways and is beneficial in the long run. 


Pet urine spots can be very dangerous for your carpet as well as your family. This is the reason that one should be aware of everything and take the necessary steps to avoid them. Calling in Hamilton carpet cleaning professionals is the best way to keep your family’s health safe and expenses low.