Silk Carpet Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Shine

For any home and office, silk-oriented carpet is the perfect choice as it looks luxurious to your house. But the most important thing is silk carpet maintenance if you want to make your home shine. Silk carpets need to be handled with extra care and carpets are very delicate. So during Silk Carpet cleaning choose tools and material carefully and remove dust from deep creases. Try to clean the stain from the silk carpet immediately because the older the stain the more difficult it becomes to remove. If you are unable to maintain your silk carpet then you can hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Here Are The Silk Carpet Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Shine:-

  • Vacuum your carpet

One of the best methods for silk carpet cleaning is a vacuum. It’s highly recommended to vacuum your carpet once a week and equipped the vacuum with the appropriate tool. Commonly, dust and allergens settle on your silk carpet with time which can be removed with vacuuming. It helps to remove any damage caused by spills to penetrate deep fibers.

  • Use a silk rug shampoo

Professional carpet cleaning services suggest cleaning the silk oriental carpet rugs at least once every six months with a carpet shampoo. You can get the appropriate silk carpet shampoo in specialty stores or online. This will act gently on your carpet rugs and save rugs from damage. 

  • Avoid using bleach on silk carpet

Avoid using bleach on your silk carpet as it may damage the fibers of the carpet. Bleach also ruins carpet texture and material. Instead of that choose another method that is safe and easy.

  • Choose light detergent

Use a light detergent to remove the dirt and dust particles and to clean rugs properly. Removing harsh stains from silk carpet detergent is one of the best choices. But make sure you dilute a light detergent in water and apply it to a stain. 

  • Never let water sit on silk carpet

If you spill any liquid drink on the carpet accidentally then do not allow it to set for a long period. This may damage the carpet fibers so take a clean cloth immediately to soak the standing water. Then choose another dry piece of fabric to blot the area. 

  • Use baking soda and vinegar

Vinegar and baking soda act as a great natural ingredient to clean silk carpets. These ingredients will not damage your carpet fabric. Check the direction of the stain and apply this mixture to the stain, then wait for 30 minutes, and after that scrub it with a brush. Use water to rinse well and then keep it untouched for some time so it becomes air dry. 


If you want to scrub off any stubborn stain on silk carpet then choose an upholstery brush. Also, a clean softer cloth is best to remove dirt particles from silk carpet. For better cleaning, you can use both tools together. Hire a carpet cleaning company if you are unable to clean the carpet under the above-mentioned tips.